Nice to meet you!

I’m a woman of many faces. Most of my faces are covered with cold macaroni and cheese.

Sometimes, I introduce myself like this:

BETHANY is a writer and the proud mother to four, young Vikings. She is the author of the parenting blog, Bad Parenting Moments and the chronically unread poetry blog, Room for Cream. She can often be found searching for socks, keys, discount non-perishables and a bathroom lock her children can not pick. Bethany’s work has been published on several parenting sites and, when they’ll have her, in old-fashioned black and white in her local, independent newspaper. Her children are unimpressed.

Sometimes, like this:

A mother. A writer. A poet. A diaper changer. A caffeine addict. A doer of laundry. A lover of words. A haver of ideas. A tired, tired lady.

Other times, like this:

Navigating dirty diapers and awkward play dates since 2006 while boldly grabbing parenthood by the horns and desperately clutching champagne.

And, MOST often, like this:

That lady with the screaming kids throwing grapes, hitting each other and tossing magazines in the grocery store aisles is me. Nice to meet you.

It IS nice to meet you. Thank you for being here. Make yourself at home.

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