Dearest Readers…

Dearest Readers,

When I carefully plucked the name Bad Parenting Moments out of a fever dream or after inhaling a carton of suspect Chinese food, I must have realized I would pigeon-hole myself in the dreaded compartmentalization genre of “mommy-blogger”. At first, the pressure of writing only about parenting was intense. My most popular posts, perhaps the posts that brought you to me (and, thank you for being here) are about my parenting misadventures. It is a huge part of my writing ethos. I am a mommy. I write about mommyhood. I fail. I laugh. You hopefully laugh too. We move on together. It’s an equation that works.

As my children grow, I am running out of the buckets of early childhood development mismanagement material. They now mostly behave at restaurants. That’s a lie. They mostly misbehave. Still, I’ve already written about that. They now can communicate in more than just gurgles and manic pointing. I’ve already written about that. They still do not listen. They never will and I already wrote a post about that. And, when it comes to the reinvention of universally shared material, parenting ties prostitution as the world’s oldest profession. It’s all been done and done and done and now, our vaginas are falling apart and our backs hurt.

So, what now?

Well, I’m going to keep writing. About my marriage – when my husband agrees to it after sex or a few cocktails. About parenting – as I enter this new and not as boy band level popular phase of child-rearing. About what it means to be a mother and a woman – and how the two criss-cross over battered, well-worn tracks. About life, fears, regret, hope. Some will be funny. Some will not. Such is life.

I will not do Top 10 lists. I will not sell you down the river for a packet of post-its. I will not write poor content simply for “hits”. I will write because I love to write. I will write as if the most important people in the world are reading it. And, they are. You’re still here, right?

I will continue to thank you for being here. Thank you.

I’m heading down a poorly lit path. It looks rocky and my children may hit you with one of the large, dead branches they plucked along the way. Grab your own rock and stick. Let’s do this. Let’s beat out a new path together.

Yours in good times and definitely in bad,
Bethany (Bad Parenting Moments)


  1. Yes! This is exactly you. Can’t wait to read what’s next. xo

  2. You have a way with words, my friend. I’m following where ever you decide to take us…

  3. Sounds good.

  4. Kiri Hasnolastname says:

    I’m in, lets go!

  5. Two things:
    First, rock on. Can’t wait to go with you on this new adventure. As long as there are frequent potty stops along the way.
    Second, I read that closing line as, “Yours in good times and definitely in BED.” Time for more coffee.

  6. I don’t comment often, but I’m here.
    And shall remain!

  7. Yes! Many of your readers (like me) are probably ready for the next chapter too. Here’s to kids growing-up and the new adventures that brings.

  8. There’ll still be wine, right? Onward to new adventures… a loyal follower… but there’s still wine?

  9. Damn straight! Sing your song, momma.

  10. Barbara Roscoe-Graff says:

    If you write it, I will come.

  11. Sounds perfect to me – I’m beyond the “mommy” years myself so I understand.

  12. Sounds good! Just keep writing! 🙂

  13. Oh Bethany, it seems I have found you at the most opportune time (via Mampedia, FYI). I feel your mommy-pigeon-hole pain. Break free, little bird, and show the world all there is to see of you! I’ll join you for the flight.

  14. Ho ho ho! Not to worry lil momma! The storys will still come! And I will still read. 🙂

  15. If you run out of post-its, let me know. I’ll send you some. And none of those freebies you get for pimping out the words, but hard cash ones, cause you deserve it. Enjoy the ride! Looking forward to your new chapter.

  16. It’s not your topics we love, it’s your gift with words and how you weave a story. We’ll happily lap up anything your magical mind spins, and we’ll enjoy every second of it.

  17. Christy Cruz says:

    Keep writing! Mine are in the early teen years, and it’s so enjoyable to hear that the trials and tribulations of the past weren’t mine alone, and to know that I am not alone “moving forward.”
    You write and I’ll help pour the wine!

  18. It doesn’t matter what stories you tell, just keep being you. Ellen

  19. I’ll be watching because I’m sure I will be here at some point too. Forge the path my friend!

  20. Awesome decision! I’ll still be reading!

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