The perfect storm.

Schools are cancelled. Children are home. Wine bottles are on display in my kitchen, giving it an air of classy disaster.

I am watching children remove snacks and mixing bowls from cabinets. Hair unbrushed, sliding in pajamaed feet from kitchen to living room to playroom. On the world’s most redundant loop of action since the film Speed.

Diaries have already been fought over and a slinky lay forgotten directly in the middle of the sixth stair; abandoned by the children upon its failure to make it, “all the way!”.

A tent and tunnel have been set up leaving parental oversight virtually impossible. My view of the chaos restricted by blinding neon blue and yellow polyester. Chocolate pudding sits on the baby’s pajamas and face. Abandoned there as a reminder of my failure to successfully hide and administer her morning dose of antibiotics.

I may or may not have washed my hair yesterday. From where is sits today, on top of my head, disheveled and in the hot pink rubber band I found under the bathroom sink in the box of super-plus tampons, it’s impossible to tell.

This is what Motherhood looks like at my house on snow days. This is what Motherhood looks like at my house on most days.

And, that’s ok with me.

The snow is falling; softly then wildly. At times, a tornado of flakes beats against the windows making its presence known. It has nothing on the storm inside these walls. Surrender. My littlest snowflakes are the only real major force of nature to be reckoned with today.

I have no interest in crafting, baking or Donna Reedifying my day of diminished urgency away. There is no need to load children into a car for school pick-up. No need to shower and put on clothes or go through the pained process of putting on the make-up I seem to use with less frequency when attempting to bamboozle the public into believing I care enough to put on makeup.

I will do nothing. I will sit with my coffee, in the middle of this kitchen cocktail of scrambled eggs and crushed cheerios and let the chaos swirl around me. The perfect storm.


  1. Beautiful. (Just like you!)

  2. I agree with Barbara. This is beautiful. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    ♥ Talia

  3. I love your description! I usually have no desire for any projects on snow days either. Those kinds of days are definitely for cuddling and vegging!

  4. Just stay safe!! 🙂

  5. Every post I read over here I think, “Damn. She’s good.”

    Please tell me you have plans to write a book. Or have you already and I just don’t know about it?

    As always, loved this. Enjoy your storm. 😉

    • Thank you! Oh, to write a book. My great dream. Maybe. Hopefully. Storm is actually quite nice. BIG. BEAUTIFUL. Lights are still on. Heat is still kicking. Riding it out with wine and various desserts. Can’t complain. Thank you for reading, mama.

  6. Sounds exactly like my day! Come bedtime, they didn’t even need to change for they were already in their pajamas:) Very nice.

  7. Perfect description and am there right now with you having this storm dump a ton of snow on us last night, too. Just happy that we still have power here.

  8. An excellent plan, my dear. You’re making me wish we were snowed in; instead, I’m spot-cleaning dress up clothes that are going to be worn IN PUBLIC in a 2nd grade production of Something You’ve Never Heard Of on Tuesday. Come on, blizzard…

  9. This was my today + hangover – 3 children.

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