Operation: Funny? Status: Found!

Who am I, you ask, to be lucky enough to be a guest judge for this week’s Finding the Funny with Anna of My Life and Kids and Kelley of Kelley’s Breakroom fame? Good question. I’m assuming you’ll want my funny credentials. For the purposes of this mission, you can call me Agent 007-11. Maybe this is because I’m an expert, undercover funny finder or maybe it’s because I read all of your posts with a Big Gulp Cherry Slurpee in one hand and a pretzel, cheese dog in another.  In addition to writing my own humor blog, I have enough funny ha ha and funny strange to fill several books. An example? Oh, alright. I have walked around a big box store (name omitted to protect the innocent) after having been “sick with child” and have shopped extensively with no knowledge that the baby in my carrier had long-ago pulled my dress down and exposed one half of my bra. I cross my heart (bra), this is true. And, if I’m able to laugh at this then I. Know. Funny.

Funny is important. Funny is necessary. Funny is half break from the doldrums and half free therapy. And, writing the funny?  Well, it’s difficult. Humor can be subjective. What tickles one funny bone may feel like a swift kick in someone else’s humerus (or HUMORes). However, there are humor writers that are able to take a unique sense of humor and turn their words into magic. Writers that are so unabashedly honest that they make us want to be honest as well. They provide the, “I’ve DONE that”, “I get it!” and “I’m so glad I’m not the only one!” connection. They bring the funny and the truth. And, the truth, when dipped in the right words and served with sprinkles of storytelling is always refreshing. Always funny. These writers transcend their own brand of funny and bring THE funny. Gifted writers who invite you to not only to laugh with them, but, AT them. Tidbits of normal, tidbits of “this should only be told to a psychiatrist”, tidbits of shame and tidbits of unadulterated life sculpted into knee-slapping hilarity. As much as we need the five senses that get ALL the credit, we need to engage our senses of humor.

This week I had the distinct pleasure of reading all 52 of the Finding The Funny #28 posts. I laughed. I cried. I laughed some more. I cry-laughed. I purchased waterproof mascara and then kept reading and laughing. In retrospect, I should have broken up the reading more. CAUTION: Reading Finding the Funny in one sitting with a weak, baby wrecked bladder may cause children to say things like, “Mommy, why are you changing your pants again?” and “Do you need to borrow my Buzz Lightyear pull-up?” I know what you’re thinking. Lady, stop the narrative and (Tom Cruise as Jerry Maguire) SHOW ME THE FUNNY!

So, with no further ado, I bring you:

 Bad Parenting Moments’ TOP FIVE Finding the Funny # 28 posts

# 5 –  The Somewhat Sane Mom – Shell bikinis, Princes and forced laryngitis? This mama don’t play that. Some Unintended Consequences of Disney Movies

#4 –  Ninja Mom – Mom leaves, but, she always comes back. A realistic look at leaving your young in their father’s *capable* hands in The Lasagna: It’ll still be frozen when I get back from #BlogHer12.

#3 – The Fordeville Diaries – Because, as she so eloquently says, “one can not rely on Bob Costas alone”. True. Story. Deep Thoughts: Olympics Edition

#2 – Wub Boo Mummy – Taking the Ermahgerd movement to the next level with moccasins, jumpsuits and ferile cats. Yeah, she went there. Ermahgerd, jurst ermahgerd

#1 – Hollow Tree Ventures – Social awkwardness and pained smiling SO endearing that you’ll consider serving as her public defender when and if that whole valet “thing” ever goes to trial. How To Mask Your Social Awkwardness

Honorable Mentions

Point Counter-Point Point Point – A tongue in cheek review of Facebook jazzhanded self promotion with a side of snark and graphs in Facebook Promoting: OK or Self Whoreing?

Abby Has Issues – Writer’s Block. Self-Doubt. Cats. Liquor. What more do you want? Philosophizing


  1. Yes, definitely loving the cut in therapy bills thanks to the funny 😉 Great explanation of why it is so important and great picks!

  2. What great picks! I hope you know I’m honored to be on the list, especially since I KNOW you know the funny. You know? Innerwebz smooches to you!

    • *wiping innerwbz drool off face* Girl, you know it’s true. I almost peed my pants when I got to the photos. I seriously did the cross legged hop to the ladies room where I powdered my nose and my undies.

  3. It’s a tough job, right? But always fun to do.
    Thanks so much for including me in your picks.

  4. Hilarious! Thanks for picking your favorites!! 🙂

  5. I have to say Wednesdays are my favorite blog days, and usually my most unproductive work days, simply because there’s so much funny to find. Thank you for sharing yours!

  6. Thanks so much, momma! I love that you loved it. And I love you for loving it. And this might end badly, so let’s put a period on it. Not that kind. Look, ended badly anyway.

    Huggles and shizz.

    • Huggles is one of my top new favorite words. The other is Farking (just in case you were interested). Anywhoooo, I farking love you and your sweet, sweet huggles. The post was spot-on. Especially the map to the dresser. Right? Right.

  7. I am embarrassed to say that I have never heard of this. But colour me “hooked”!

  8. Thanks so much for the mention! I love Finding The Funny Wednesdays too.

    • There wasn’t a graph available online showing my appropriate “like” of this post. Oddly, Unicorn wearing leprechaun hat holding foam You’re #1 finger is not yet available on the interwebs. Get on that, would you?

  9. What a great list, and not just because I’m on it. You are unicorn-fartingly awesome.

    Huggles and leg humples

  10. YES! You just defined “funny” and that’s not an easy task! I’m linking up to Finding the Funny for the first time this week, and I have DEFINITELY found some funny funny blogs. Loving this.

    • Laura, thank you for actually taking the time to read my long, drawn-out, definition of funny. You should get a Finding The Funny award just for that. Do you accept wine bottles made out of tin foil?

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